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We are a team of creatives, visionaries, and marketing professionals.

We work directly with our clients to craft specialized videos to be used for marketing and personal use. Our services are applicable to anyone desiring high-caliber video production for any variety of purposes. We use visionary storytelling to help brands and agencies connect with audiences. Soda City Productions is known for producing videos that tell a memorable story. Our edge is creativity.

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Tara Petitt

Tara Petitt is the Co-Founder of Soda City Productions. She has nearly a decade of experience in video production. Tara's passion is to move, motivate and educate the world by creating aesthetically exquisite video productions that compel action.  Prior to founding Soda City Productions, she spent more than five years as a Multi-Media Journalist where she used her skills as a videographer, editor, and storyteller. Today, Tara uses her talent to deliver customized, high-quality video productions with visionary storytelling for a visual world.


Chris Phillips

Chris Phillips is an accomplished writer, producer, on camera and voice over talent with more than two decades of success.Some prominent national clients include BMW, the U.S. Air Force, Travel Channel, Hewlett Packard, MasterCard, Gatorade and Miramar Films. Chris produces for local and regional video clients and records in his own custom studio for voice clients around the globe.


Elizabeth Darden

Elizabeth Darden is the Co-Founder of Soda City Productions. She works directly with clients looking to take advantage of one of the greatest tools- video. Elizabeth tailors your experience with Soda City Productions to ensure your vision and goal is well defined before our cameras ever start rolling. Elizabeth oversees every stage of your production and ensures the final product is everything you hoped for.